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Are you a "Routine Golfer?"

This is for all of the regular golfers out there.  Do you play every Thursday at 7:00 am or every Sunday with the same group or maybe you hit 2 buckets of range balls every Friday night after work?  If your golf game consists of doing the same thing every week, two weeks, month or year then you are a "Routine Golfer".  Maybe you are missing out on all that golf has to offer because you are used to do the same thing every week, playing in the same scramble, taking the same tee time each week, playing with the same group every week or even playing from the same set of tees every time.  I am challenging all the Routine Golfers out there to step out of their box and enjoy a different part of this wonderful game.

My challenge is to think of 3 different activities to do over the next month to get yourself out of your golf routine.  Go to a 1-hour clinic at your local course, sign up for a handicap service to check your progress, come out to the course as a single and meet some other golfers.  The possibilities are endless.  It can be something small like hitting range balls before your round.  Instead of going straight to the first tee get a small bucket of range balls and take a couple swings.  Go out to your local practice area and practice your putting for an hour.  Sign up for a local tournament just to see how you do.  Golf is an amazing game and offers so much more than what we usually get out it.  I have listed below a couple links that may help you stop being a "Routine Golfer".

Tee It Forward:  http://www.pga.com/news/pga/tee-it-forward
Chip N Sip Clinic: http://www.walkaboutgolf.com/chip-n-sip-july-1st#course
Range Membership: http://www.walkaboutgolf.com/range-membership
Worlds Largest Golf Outing: https://www.worldslargestgolfouting.com/course/walkabout-golf-club